About Us

Baby Bowtique is inspired by a true love of Bohemia, vintage, floral, texture and colour. The dream is about making delicious pieces that are long loved, fun and sparkle the imagination.

Baby Bowtique likes to do things properly, making accessories that last, are pretty but not too fussy. Baby Bowtique uses the best of fabrics, eco friendly where possible and have a very strong focus on natural fibres. Our bows are hand stitched together so they do not come apart and our fabric is pre washed and pressed so it is fresh and maintains its shape and quality.

Baby Bowtique believes in loving Mother Nature with all of our hearts. We offer the option to purchase a clip to convert headband bows to clips, so they can be worn for years. Our packaging is recyclable, reusable and/or compostable.

So whether you are a Sassy McSassypants, a Bohemian Gypsy Queen or a Girly Flowerheart Frillypuff or simply your own individual spirit, Baby Bowtique has something specially for you.

Kate xx